Hi friend!

I love to write and, hopefully, you love to read. So pull up a chair, get cozy and stay a while.

This is not a self-help blog. You won’t find me telling you all about how I’ve figured out the best way to balance a full time job, married life, children and a Pinterest worthy home. Nope. No tutorials on easy baking recipes, no simple crafts, no step-by-step instructions on closet organization. Not here. And not because I don’t value those things or read them. I most certainly do. But they are best written by those who excel at them, who know what they are talking about. That’s not me. This girl only knows that God is real and that He makes promises to us He intends to keep.

When I say ‘Living out the life God has promised’, I’m really talking to myself more than anyone else. This blog is a labor of love and obedience. I write because I love to and because Father has nestled into my heart a deep appreciation for words.

In this blog, you will hear musings about God’s goodness, humble offerings of what He reveals to me, a testimony or two, and encouragement. It will remind me and you of His promises, of a life steeped in abundant grace, mercy and love. Because He has instructed me to and because I love Him so, I will write in the hopes that it will glorify the One who deserves all glory.

I do adore the blogs that flash pictures of their beautiful kitchen remodels for pennies on the dollar. I especially love the ones that teach me how to purchase Christmas gifts on the cheap or save on groceries. I so dig a good deal, y’all. But that’s not this blog. No, this one is for Him.

With His love,
Mande Saitta